The InSAR Norway website exposes a web-based API for downloading full-resolution InSAR data within a given bounding box. This documentation provides an overview of the API and its expected usage, as well as sample code in Python.



The above figure shows how the API is used. The client starts by querying the server for a list of valid datasets. The client then builds its query and sends it to the server. The server responds with a query ID. The client then polls the server at regular intervals to check the state of the query. Once the query completes, the client downloads the CSV files comprising the query's result set. If an error occurs, the client can retry the query with a smaller bounding box, or retry it later in case the server is temporarily unable to service additional queries.


⚠️ These limits are subject to change!

The API currently limits the area a query can cover to avoid resource exhaustion. The limit on the potential size of the result set is currently 5 million points.

A single client may run up to 2 queries in parallel, and have up to 4 queries queued server-side.


Please send any questions you may have to Daniel Stødle, dsto@norceresearch.no.